Talking Therapies

We are pleased to advise you that we have significantly reduced our waiting lists for Virtual Talking Therapies. 

Support from our Virtual therapy team is now much easier for patients to access.

  • There is currently no wait for Virtual 1:1 CBT therapy
  • There are shorter waiting times for Virtual group therapy

Virtual therapy is delivered via phone or computer and offers a convenient and flexible option. Feedback is consistently very positive.

Eligible patients need to be 17+ and registered with a Surrey GP.
Patients can self-refer on our website.
Alternatively call 1483 906 392 or email
 Link to DHC Talking Therapies Self Referral“I had amazing CBT therapy sessions online. The therapist was very professional and lovely. I felt I was well supported and things were well explained to me. I learned about and practised tools to find some that would suit me well individually. Very grateful.”A Virtual group therapy course provides opportunities to share experiences with others whilst learning techniques based on CBT. Courses focus on a range of areas such as low mood, bereavement and worry.Link to DHC Talking Therapies Virtual Group Courses"I felt there was no judgement, just kindness and support from them so please pass on a massive thank you..."

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Published on 1 July 2024